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11 plus Preparation Courses

11 Plus Mock Exams

The Mock Exams focus on testing students in the final two months of revision and will be very similar in content and presentation as the real exam in the local region. The exam will last for 2 hours 12.30- 2.30pm

This exam will provide a solid experience for students to improve their scores, time management and answer questions in an effective manner to pass the 11 Plus exam.

Exam Content

The Mock Exam will cover the key question types that form the 11 Plus exam. The exam is structured into four papers of 30 minutes examining Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English and key sub-topics. The results of the exam are emailed to parents within three working days of the exam. This will include a detailed breakdown of performance, including strengths and weaknesses.

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11 Plus Creative Writing Skills Workshop

Each workshop will focus on varying creative writing skills. Suitable for Grammar and Independent school examinations

  • Story Planning
  • Literary techniques
  • Identifying different question styles
  • Dialogue
  • Vocabulary
  • Essays written under timed conditions with feedback

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11 Plus Summer Revision Course

We have developed specific Mathematics & English course to address the knowledge and practice for taking these exams. We will be running four weeks of 11plus revision days to boost children’s motivation and confidence and practising many of the skills needed to successfully sit the 11 plus exams in September. We will cover the essentials for:

  • Structured examination techniques
  • Confidence building
  • Accuracy & management skills
  • End of session mock exam

Each week will offer intensive structured revision support provided by tutors familiar with all aspects of the subject courses. All students will be studying at the same level and within groups.

Our Revision Course will help students to remain calm during this stressful time. We will concentrate on exam techniques and problem areas to maximise performance in their Autumn exams. Students will benefit from best practice exam technique, a focused environment free from the interruptions of home, working with peers to enable better understanding and exchange of views, and more exposure to mock exam environment experience.

Fees: £125 per day.
Time: 11am - 3pm

To register your interest for the 11 plus Summer Revision Course complete the form on the right.

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