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Prepare to Succeed with Intensive Exam Preparation in Central Lewisham, London

At The Education Centre, we endeavour to ensure the success of every student in Central Lewisham, London. With intensive exam preparation and A-Level tuition as our tools, we work to build solid educational foundations that will support your child during assessments and beyond.

Embrace Exams with Confidence

Offering a comprehensive overview of the examination format, we'll provide an extensive insight into the most effective techniques, strategies, and tips for dealing confidently with every section of an assessment. Practise, written assessments, self-study materials and a complete mock test under examination conditions will all help to secure your child's learning.

Exam Preparation for Entrance Exams

Tuition is provided to students at any stage, from weekly assistance with entrance exams skills and knowledge. The tutors we supply are thoroughly up-to-date with all of the main entrance examination formats for the major schools in London. There is still time to start to get ready for entrance exams in September. In our experience you should have started your exam preparation by the start of March to stand a reasonable chance of getting into the school of your choice.


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